Maricopa — The Audit Standoff

Michael Johnson
4 min readFeb 5, 2021

If you’ve been paying attention, there’s a lot going on in Maricopa.

TLDR : AZ Court ordered Maricopa to do the audit. Maricopa’s board of supervisors has rejected this order & pressed for two unaccredited, Dominion shell companies (Pro V&V and SLI) to perform the audit. These companies already audited the machines pre-election and are not expected to find anything post-election that will damage their parent company reputation.

An audit over voter machines in Antrim County Michigan found substantial problems. As a minimum, this whole debate highlights the problems with closed source software and hardware and the need for tighter scrutiny of vote counting. Particularly the audit process. The entire process of verifying logs, custody of data needs to be open and accountable, not just after the event, but in real time.

The AZ Senate has produced SR1005 to follow up on previous Subpoena of records issued on 15th December 2020 by Eddie Farnsworth(Chair Senate Judiciary Committee) and K. Fann (President AZ Senate). Maricopa County has claimed the Senate does not have authority to execute this subpoena. Idk what logic they are using, it’s bizarre to watch, right out there with the ‘Sovreign citizens’ who claims they are not subject to any government.

AZ SR1005 Senate order Maricopa County compliance

It’s worth noting Section 41–1153 is non trivial.

Section 41–1153 states:

A. If a witness neglects or refuses to obey a legislative subpoena, or, appearing, neglects or refuses to testify, the senate or the house may, by resolution entered in the journal, commit him for contempt.

B. A witness neglecting or refusing to attend in obedience to a subpoena may be arrested by the sergeant-at-arms and brought before the senate or house upon authority of a copy of the resolution signed by the president or speaker, and countersigned by the secretary or chief clerk.

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