Is the Voter Fraud Real?

Michael Johnson
3 min readJan 21, 2021

The last few months have been a rollercoaster for everyone taking an interest in the US elections.

Everyone has heard the claims of election fraud in the USA. Watching the public debate has been bizarre. From the very beginning, media outlets showed their bias claiming every assertion by Trump was false, every video example provided by observers was false or misleading, then amplifying every voice speaking against the President of the United States.

I believe the data holds the truth. As it turns out, finding the truth is not easy.

Accessing the data required to prove the truth is not possible for the average person. Voter Rolls contain enough information to remove privacy for many citizens and expose them to potential identity theft. The voter rolls in some states contain inadequate information to verify if the person has enrolled to vote in multiple states. Worse, some states allow voters to enroll with minimal proof of identity.

Fortunately some take the voter fraud seriously, verified data is available to audit the voting results. This blog explores some of the voter fraud using official voter rolls and multiple sources of data. Tune in, subscribe, drop any specific requests for investigation in the comments.

Here’s a tiny example of an audit of just one set of data with a _very_ specific query.

‘find addresses with over 50 _active_ voters using the same address.

Manually checking these addresses finds the following.
Row 1 : Not a residential address. community health center. Yes, it’s illegal to use a fake residential address to register a voter. Obviously someone at this facility assisted ‘voters’ to register and receive mail.

Row 2: this address is a residential apartment block, the 52 voters registered did not nominate apartment numbers, making these voter registrations suspect. It’s possible someone at this block is using their position in sorting mail to collect fake ballots. Or maybe 52 voters don’t register their apartment number on mail. That seems unlikely.



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